Marc has created business organizations in the United States and made extensive contacts for the
manufacture, marketing and distribution of high-quality products here in the USA as well as worldwide. He is
actively engaged in the international development and marketing of the several activities of
He also worked with individuals and firms in other countries to help these regions become
proficient in
equestrian sports as well as to provide employment and economic opportunities
for local businesses and workers
Professional Horseman and gifted Designer
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Marc brings an extraordinarily valuable resource to CS1 GROUP combining his knowledge of the
industry and the animals with a wonderful creativity of design for equipment
as well as OBVIOUS PASSION for the business.

Since 1971, Marc has tirelessly expended the line of his high quality Products for Equine Athletes;
The great diversity of those and the multiple versions of each type
is designing not only an outstanding operation but a UNIQUE program of economy
with industry, animal, and sport development,

Titanium & Aluminium Horse Trailer, Recreational Vehicle, Cargo Trailer
4x4 Vehicles
Equestrian Complex & Facilities
Covered & Open Arena
Paddock Fence
Training Track
Hydraulic Horse Walker
STABLE Furniture
Trunk – Box – Luggage
Farrier Tooling & Knives
Aluminium Horseshoes
Saddle Rack
Horse Feed & Complement
Clothes for those the Equestrian Sports
Pants, Hats, Boots
Promotional Products
Line of educational / collector / recreational Small Models
Welcome to CS1 GROUP to share outstanding achievements and unique world of creativity!
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MCD Marketing
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Who we are
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